Extracted Frames Permit Application

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 Please note - this is a permit application only and must be reviewed by an authorised officer before a permit can be issued.

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Providing false or misleading information is an offence under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 . Providing incorrect or incomplete information may lead to delays or non-issuance of a permit.​ 

Sending my extracted frames (stickies) from my extraction facility in another state, to Victoria.

Enter all appropriate registrations for this permit application

Extraction facility Quality Assurance program (e.g. B-Qual, B-Trace, B-Safe) name and certification information (where applicable)

Today OR

If you do not have an address, please supply the GPS details of the location.

By ticking this box, I declare that this application does not include the movement of any used beekeeping equipment that was at any time after 1 January 2022, in a New South Wales Eradication (red) or Surveillance (purple) Zone, or equivalent.

By ticking this box, I declare that no bees, bee products or used beekeeping equipment at the extraction facility has been in the New South Wales (NSW) Eradication (red) or Surveillance (purple) zone since 1 January 2022

By ticking this box, I declare that the frames were extracted at the facility I have submitted on this permit application.

By ticking this box, I declare that the extracted frames will be visually inspected and found free of bees and brood prior to consignment

By ticking this box, I declare that the extracted frames will be fully wrapped, be free from external contamination, and be stored for at least 21 days in an area not accessible to bees before movement into Victoria.

By ticking this box, I declare that the extracted frames will be fully wrapped, be free from external contamination, and be frozen at minus 18 degree centigrade (or below) and held at that temperature for at least 48 hours (with a temperature log maintained), before movement into Victoria.

By ticking this box I declare that I will be bringing my own extracted frames into Victoria which have been extracted at my own interstate facility.

By ticking this box, I declare that I am the only person who utilises the extraction facility (It is not used by multiple beekeepers).

By ticking this box, I declare that I confirm that: • There are no bee colonies found within 100 metres of the extraction facility. • The room/s where the supers will be extracted are entirely bee proof and sealed to prevent entry and exit of any bee/s. • Ongoing inspections will be completed for live/dead bees and larvae throughout the extraction process, including after the extracted frames are wrapped. • The extracted frames will be wrapped (to make them bee-proof) in an area not accessible to bees and stored in a bee-proof manner until they are ready for transport. • The wrapped extracted frames will be free from any external contamination of honey or honeycomb. • Agriculture Victoria will be notified within 24 hours of the movement of extracted frames into Victoria.

By ticking this box, I declare that I understand that I will need to provide the following evidence to support my application, in the case that I do not have a Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Quality Assurance current certificate of accreditation for the facility: • Photo/video of the entrance to the facility (to show it can be sealed). • Photo/videos of the extracting room/s and wrapping room/s (to show that they can be sealed, preventing the entry or exit of bees).

​Upload here or send to honeybee.permits@agriculture.vic.gov.au any Quality Assurance certification, all photo/videos any other relevant evidence to support your application. ​